Tundra and Icee both have family, here's a quick list of some of their family members.

Siblings Edit

Blizzard-Tundra's brother, also Icee's half brother

Bleu- Icee's brother, also Tundra and Blizzard's half brother

Snowy- Icee's sister, also Tundra and Blizzard's half sister

Parents Edit

Glacier-Tundra's and Icee's father

Snowdrop-Tundra's mother

Sapphire-Icee's mother

Uncles Edit

Leo-Glacier's brother

Neptune- Rose's mate

Aunts Edit

Lyrica-Leo's mate

Rose- Sapphire's sister

Cousins Edit

Lyla-Leo and Lyrica's daughter

Lia-Lyla's sister

Sport- son of one of Snowdrop's siblings

Everest- Daughter of one of Snowdrop's siblings

Lillian- Daughter of Rose

Moon- Son of Rose

Sun- Daughter of Rose

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